Young Institute for Future Research

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Eva Plischke, Young Institute for Future Research, 2013, Hamburg

Eva Plischke, Junges Institut für Zukunftsforschung, 2013, Hamburg


Eva Plischke’s PABR project explored a new direction of future research between theatre, school and city. Together with school children from Hamburg, Plischke founded the Young Institute for Future Research (Junges Institut für Zukunftsforschung). The institute specialised in the development of future scenarios. Young people declared themselves to be futurologists that advise adults on issues of the future. They published a call in newspapers advertising their services: Figures from the public life of the city of Hamburg could ask the institute questions about the future. In a network of artists and school children, scenic research was carried out on these questions, which involved adding scenic dimensions to scenario techniques and testing other scenic processes for developing future scenarios. What does it sound like when young people, who are often referred to as ‘the future’, talk about the future? The scenic research results were finally presented to clients such as a member of the Hamburg Parliament, a resident of the Gängeviertel project, a professor and an employee of Hamburg’s public transport authorities, and the interested public as part of a performance at FUNDUS THEATER/Theatre of Research in May 2013.


Researchers: Eva Plischke

Co-researchers: Friedrich Greiling, Judith Kästner, students and teachers of the 5th grade of Europagymnasium Hamm, students and a teacher of the 8th grade (Kurs Darstellendes Spiel) of Europagymnasium Hamm

Participants: Member of Hamburg Parliament, a resident of Hamburg’s ‚Gängeviertel‘, a professor, an employee of Hamburg’s public transport authorities and other participants of the open call of the Young Institute for Future Research

Collaboration: Europagymnasium Hamm, TUSCH (Theater und Schule)

Formats: Try-out Institution