Maike Gunsilius, The School of Girls I – Urban Experts, 2016, Hamburg

Copyright: Maike Gunsilius

Maike Gunsilius, The School of Girls I – Urban Experts, 2016, Hamburg

Maike Gunsilius, Die Schule der Mädchen I – Urbane Expertinnen, 2016, Hamburg


How can living together be organised in postmigrant Hamburg? In particular, how can girls create their living conditions within their city? To investigate these questions, Maike Gunsilius founded The School of Girls with twelve female students from Schule auf der Veddel, a secondary school in the Veddel quarter Hamburg. With artistic interventions and in video and live tutorials, they investigated and explored their everyday practices such as baking, brewing tea, putting on a hijab, playing football, etcetera as urban expertise. They explored the performance of these practices as citizen practices. During the research process, the investigation of the girls’ everyday lives was questioned by them. Thus, their position and agency within the research set-up of the The School of Girls I – Urban Experts and the power relations and practices between girls and adult women within the research process came into focus. This aspect was then worked on, explored and presented within a lecture performance.


Researcher: Maike Gunsilius

Co-researchers: Huanita Adzovic, Leyla Sultan Altinpinar, Bahar Carkaci, Resmije Emurli, Hristiyana Gencheva, Zehra Kantar, Giselle Lesch, Sietara Mohammad, Nabila Rafik, Sarah Weiß, Valdina Zeciri, Klaudia Zyczynska

Participants: Greta Granderath, Susann Hoffmannn, teachers, parents, visitors

Collaborations: Schule auf der Veddel, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, New Hamburg/Kirche auf der Veddel

Formats: Try-out Institution, Intervention into the Real