Moritz Frischkorn, On Logistics and Choreography – A Research Installation, 2017, Hamburg

Copyright: Margaux Weiß

Moritz Frischkorn, On Logistics and Choreography – A Research Installation, 2017, Hamburg


Logistical choreographies – in the sense of a “hyperobject” (Morton 2013) – are too complex and expansive to be understood in their entirety. As inhabitants of a port city, who partly own one of the biggest global logistics companies, we should nevertheless ask ourselves: What strategies do we have to comprehend the gigantic movement of goods that enable our daily life and our practices as citizens?

Starting from this question, Moritz Frischkorn developed a one-week research installation with seven stations (1. welcome, 2. 3D printing of shipping container models/projection of a computer simulation of container movements in the port of Hamburg, 3. hypnosis/experiencing logistical movements, 4. video ‚On the Aesthetic Sublime of Logistical Infrastructure‘, 5. library/individual reading time, 6. dancing/the fluid body and the sound of ship engines, 7. feedback) to investigate the relation between choreography and logistics and rehearse alternative corporeal strategies of referring to logistical movement. At K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie, he established a fictional container as a working space that at the same time became the archive of his research. Using a puzzle-like compilation of somatic and dance practices, video and sound works, installation objects, and with the help of a small research library, the relationship between the human body and logistical choreographies was examined. In view of the immense size and intimidating aesthetic grandeur of logistical movements, architectures and geographies, how can physical access to these be tried or worked out? Frischkorn and his participants were looking for the possibility of empathy with the workers of logistical worlds as well as with the things they transport and move.


Researchers: Moritz Frischkorn

Co-researchers: Janto Djanti Rössner, Axel Sylvester, Jonas Woltemate

Participants: Heike Bröckerhoff, Kerstin Evert, Paula Hildebrandt, Valto Kuluuvainen, Solveigh Patett, Sibylle Peters, Mirjam Schaub, Constanze Schmidt, Lucie Schröder, Leonie Rottmann, Kathrin Wildner, Michael Ziehl

Formats: One-on-One Encounter, Creating a Media Device, Testing in Performance



Morton, Timothy (2013): Hyperobjects – Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.