Fifty research projects developed within the frame of the postgraduate programmes Assemblies and Participation (2012-2014) and Performing Citiztenship (2015-2017) are assembled in this corpus; these projects constitute the basis for the research formats proposed on this website. They interweave participatory research, participatory art and cultural studies into a methodology that could be called the ‘Hamburg School’ of Participatory Art Based Research. In the frame of both postgraduate programmes, the students each had to organise two Participatory Art Based Research events as part of their individual research projects, which built the foundation for their PhDs. Some of these research events were organised as consecutive explorations within the larger structure of the research set-up, some were try-outs of different approaches, some were research presentations of participatory art-based events that had previously been conducted, often in the institutional frame of an art context. Some projects were developed by the directors of the programme outside of its frame, but closely linked to and invested in the PABR methodology. On the website, the corpus is structured by the postgraduate programmes and their respective members.