Current research projects

#onethumbebandid by Sebastian Matthias

From an understanding derived from watching and making TikTok-videos, a heterogenous group of co-researchers created artistic responses to performative strategies from each of their (artistic) perspectives. Each response that is produced as part of this Performative Collection will offer a starting point to pinpoint how dancing online and watching dance online has become a powerful tool to construct users realities.

Vacation Research by Esther Pilkington

Knowledge Space(s) of Globalisation by Melcher Ruhkopf

How does globalisation fit into the museum space? Which spatial imaginaries are enacted and how can art-based methodologies help to criticise and modify the museal knowledge spaces of globalisation? These are the key questions addressed in this ongoing PhD project.

behind/beyond PABR –  a sound project  by Kathrin Wildner