The Last Judgment I – A Staged Tour of the Civil Justice Building (2013)

To investigate the theatricality and performativity of the court system as an institution, Elise von Bernstorff collaborated with children to involve their perspective as ‘uninvolved’ outsiders. She investigated in field research the district court and regional court of Hamburg Mitte with class 7b of Europa Gymnasium Hamm. Along with exploring the court as a space of offices and filing cabinets with their own smell and a paternoster lift, they took part in trials, wrote minutes and reports and researched the court’s means by testing them. From these experiences, the researchers developed the theatrical format of a tour of the civil justice building, in which the children acted as hosts and experts for the audience. Elise von Bernstorff, The Last Judgment – A Staged Tour of the Civil Justice Building, 2013, Hamburg