Laboratory Report (2017)

Since Hamburg’s historic Gängeviertel was occupied by activists and artists in 2009, the City of Hamburg and the Gängeviertel Initiative have been working together to develop the neighbourhood as a lively district with affordable rents for living and for socio-cultural uses. As part of his research, Ziehl examined how city administrations and citizens‘ initiatives can work together to develop cities for the future. He actively participated in the cooperation process including the publication of an artistic-scientific Laboratory Report in the form of a brochure. The Laboratory Report was conceptualised as a boundary object in the sense of a shared reference for the cooperation partners. Ziehl’s aim was to invite the cooperation partners to reflect upon their behaviour in the cooperation process and thus to encourage them to overcome the deadlock in the cooperation. Michael Ziehl, Future Viability through Cooperation: The Renovation of the Gängeviertel/Laboratory Report, 2017, Hamburg