KAPUTT – The Academy of Destruction (2017)

KAPUTT asked if we can see destruction in a different way if we look at it through the lens of live art. Destruction is not only about violence, hatred and rage, but can be a cultural strategy that is marvelous, manifold, careful and mindful. A transgenerational team of six children and six adult artists working as equal members experimented with their practices, experiences and concepts of destruction in six public sessions at Tate Exchange. Visitors to KAPUTT were invited to take a trip through the Academy’s facilities: from its reception to its library, on to its assembly hall where they watched the members of the Academy in action, and finally to the common room where they created a research assignment and received their very own KAPUTT diploma. FUNDUS THEATER/Theatre of Research, KAPUTT – The Academy of Destruction, London 2017