Building Symposia Gängeviertel – Cooperation Procedure and Renovation (2016)

The Building Symposia in Hamburg’s historic Gängeviertel aimed to include activists from the Gängeviertel, authorities, urban planners and an interested public in order to create a framework for discussions about technical and planning questions regarding the renovation of the site. The fourth building symposium was devoted to the cooperation procedure between the Gängeviertel activists and the municipality. For the Workshop for Common Futures the invited participants were expected to share their goals and to identify similarities. The workshop was moderated by Christoph Hinske of the Institute for Strategic Clarity. The subsequent public part linked the workshop to current discourses around civic protests and participation in urban planning as well as new forms of cooperation between citizens and city administrations. Michael Ziehl, Building Symposia Gängeviertel – Cooperation Procedure and Renovation, 2016, Hamburg