Tactfulness (2013)

The invitation to Haptic Sense. An Experimental Evening on the Non-visual (originally: Taktsinn. Ein experimenteller Abend zum Nicht-Visuellen, 2013) was the starting point of Inga Reimers series of experimental settings that researched collective eating as place of knowledge production. This haptical evening represented the first attempt, in which, on the one hand, the guests should get closer to the “non-visual” in research, art and everyday life. On the other hand, Reimers was interested in the format of a research dinner: what can a dinner find out and what (special) knowledge can it produce? The feast served as the familiar, performative framework in which the guests were encouraged to exchange ideas about the non-visual through table speeches and sensual food. Inga Reimers, Tactfulness: An Experimental Evening on the Non-visual, 2013, Hamburg