>>>>> Marching Session I – VI________ >>>>> – An Interactive (Lecture) Performance for Followers and Pacemakers (2016)

Liz Rech explored the topic of marching as a potentially emancipatory practice through a workshop series and an interactive lecture performance. In seven workshops, she explored relating topics (such as march and objects, march and sound, march and choreography.) The different co-researchers came from diverse backgrounds and contributed their special knowledge and set focal points within the different research fields. The interactive performance itself dealt with the practice of marching movements through a lecture and a workshop. Participatory marching exercises tested some of the results together with the audience. After two parallel workshops with the audience, each of the groups performed in front of the other in the theatre space. Their experiences were documented by a question and answer session. Liz Rech, 〉〉〉〉〉 MARCHING SESSION I – VI ________ 〉〉〉〉〉– An Interactive (Lecture) Performance for Followers and Pacemakers, 2016, Hamburg