Collaborative process

PABR projects always lead to collaborative processes between diverse participants. They value heterogenous constellations, while recognising all disciplines equally and critically self-reflecting each discipline’s habitus (Ziemer 2015: 171). While investigating a specific topic, all PABR projects entail an exploration of the limits and potentials of collaborative processes as such.

Ref.: Ziemer, Gesa (2015): “Kollektives Arbeiten”, in: Badura, Jens/Dubach, Selma/Haarmann, Anke/Mersch, Dieter/Rey, Anton/Schenker, Christoph/Toro Pérez, Germán (eds): Künstlerische Forschung. Ein Handbuch. Zürich/Berlin: diaphanes, pp. 169–172.